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  1. Why not package the installation in snap. Valid for many distr
  2. Had that issue to in unity. After update, a few weeks ago, everything works.
  3. Tested! Works fine! Now, the drop down menu works on Ubuntu 16.04LTS., with the stock window manager. Good work!
  4. Looks like it's only Ubuntu 16.04LTS or older, with ubuntu's own window manager, that has this issue. I will have to look forward to the release of 18.04LTS, befor I can delete my win partition.
  5. have to make the file executable first This will fix it sudo chmod 755 [filename] Standard Ubuntu 16.04LTS with the addons specified in the instruction text above.
  6. Standard Ubuntu 16.04LTS with the addons specified in the instruction text above.
  7. After more use: Nothing on drop down menu does work as it should. Most selections do nothing at all, except for: -Units Metric/US standard is working but it does not remember selection on next start -Language is just blank box, no languages selectable -Interface. If you select anything else but clean, both setting appears to be selected You're on the way to to make a great linux version!
  8. chmod 755 ./filename (to change file to executable) ./filename (to execute file) No need to install in su or as root. It will actually advice against it, if you try. But first you have to make sure you have some other software packages installed. su apt-get install mono-complete ca-certificates-mono libgtk2.0-0 gtk-sharp2
  9. Tested newest version and found some bugs 1. Offered software update. Download works but apply does not work. Opens a window with shell script and end in error 2. Upgrade device does not work. Complaints that the device is being used by other program 3. Login to internet option does not work. Selectable but nothing happens when you select.
  10. That's what I've been looking for! Do you wan't to share the design files?
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