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  1. The screen setting does not work correctly. If you select after firing-> screen off, and then set another parameter, the screen will be turned off anyway.
  2. Please add to the firmware dna75, preheat kanthal! If dna75 is deprived with boost.
  3. Why on dna75 did not add boost to the firmware?
  4. Приветствую! В последней сборке EScribe2_SP12_INTL, присутствует ошибка. В настройках экрана, бывает самостоятельно выставляются значения, которые я не выбирал. А может просто считываются не правильно с устройства.
  5. Powered by Manjaro x86_64 KDE 5.12!
  6. It's good that they think about us. Finally thought about Linux users! Thank you!
  7. sealmi

    Escribe on Linux?

    What command to see the current resistance, and not something that is fixed?
  8. sealmi

    Escribe on Linux?

    Thanks for the tips!
  9. sealmi

    Escribe on Linux?

    I like the program. Just have to run as root. To get access to the device. Another would be a list of all possible commands for the terminal. I look forward to the new version of the program! P.S. Linux Mint 18.1.