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  1. I dont use it in 3-batt mode so i dont mind. Do you have by any chance a photo?
  2. Unfortunately. All i found was a video for an rx200. I dont know if its the same thing. Just want to make sure I dont blow up the board.
  3. Need a complete tutorial on how to install a dna 250 board on a rx2/3 mod especially wiring. A video would be awesome. Please, thanks.
  4. Im having issues with the battery contacts of my finder 167, it seems like the batteries are not making good contact with battery pins resulting to the mod not turning on. I think the battery is pretty loose inside the sled. Is there anyway I can make it a tight fit? Anybody? Please. For the meantime, i placed a small piece of wire between the positive side of the battery and the positive contact. And its working. I need a good permanent solution to this issue. I dont if its safe or not. Appreciate any help. Thanks.
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