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  1. Version 1.4


    Carbon Fiber Theme for DNA250C mod, with experimental Power bank mode ( Power bank mode supposedly should be manually toggled inside Settings ) please leave message if something need to be improved and additional feature request. Thanks!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    First of all, I'm sorry for the few people that downloaded my overtly ambitious theme, although in theory it should've work, but it really didn't. Watts, Replay, and TC must be run on it's respective Profiles. I went back to the drawing board and remake my previous theme. - Watts, Replay, and TC modes, each respective profiles will have their own Boost Punch/Preheat/Warmth method, can also toggle those three boost functions ON and OFF. This has been tested and it works as it should. - Since Boost now can be toggled ON/OFF from the main screen, I removed the default watt boost profile. - Removed Charging feature. - Attached also the Profile and Escribe settings associated with this theme. For longer term evolution and future improvements on this theme, I will keep this theme permanently here. Paranormal DNA250C Simple Carbon.ecig Paranormal DNA250C Simple Carbon.ecigprofile
  3. Version 1.0.1


    Carbon fiber theme for Lost Vape PARANORMAL DNA250C. The basic is still the standard factory installed theme from Lost Vape. - added live Amps and Voltage reading for firing and USB charging. - changed fonts, background, highlights colors, and other minor placement adjustments. I did not include ohm lock feature since REPLAY feature renders this function useless, Punch Boost is adjustable in atomizer menu. I purposely do not add the USB Power bank feature just for safety concern. I also included in this page my profile modifications if you guys are interested, please use Escribe 2.0 SP13 downloadable from evolve website/dna250c page. there's no need to install a new battery profile since the mod is already setup for dual 18650, no need to insert custom Wh. Any questions? just comment, I don't promise I look at the page everyday but I do from time to time. PARANORMAL DNA250C ADVANCED.ecig PARANORMAL DNA250C ADVANCED.ecigprofile
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This theme uses LARGE BOLD FONTS to increase legibility. ( added Adjust Boost Punch picture for latest firmware. ) it can be used for DNA non color boards. individual pics also attached as zip file. DNA 250 LARGE BOLD
  5. gunawantop

    Large Fonts for DNA 250

    Version 1.0.0


    Large Fonts for Vapecige VTBOX DNA250, ecigtheme file, individual file for self use/modification also included, also some custom profile names. Enjoy. VTBOX DNA250 LARGE
  6. gunawantop

    Circle pictures being squeezed (FAO James)

    this is not a bug. the screen pixels are not exactly square. depending on your theme screen orientation, you will need to adjust square/circle shapes and logos in order to appear normal. on horizontal themes you will need to widen the shapes and on vertical themes you will need to shrink the shape a little bit. I do not have the exact proportion but 30x30 pixel icon I will resize it to 26x30 or 28x30 on vertical themes. I have not made any horizontal themes.
  7. gunawantop

    VapeDroid UX v1

    love this theme, very informative, the best horizontal theme for DNA75C.
  8. Version 1.0.2


    Lostvape Therion Carbon Fiber DNA75C Theme, First things first, Dear Sir DJLSB, Sorry for butchering your handsomely made DNA75C theme, but I can't help me being OCD and made my own changes. The theme basic is mostly the same structure as his theme, added Amps on Main Screen, adjusted characters and fields spacings, removed lock sequence screen, bright vertical type fonts on dark carbon fiber background. Please feel free to butcher this too if you guys want to.
  9. gunawantop

    Show off your custom screens.

    tidy up the first welcome screen and make a second welcome screen for LOST VAPE Therion DNA 166, hope you guys enjoyed it.The preview image is somehow looked very thin and blurry, please download and use the zip file.the images are not greyscale but instead pure black and white, so it will appear perfect on the screen.Enjoy.