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  1. well i found what is the use of those two cables.Its for the usb port light.I tried to solder each wire separately,the red one did nothing,the white one gave me only a green light when connected to pc although the battery was not full charged.I then resoldered the two cables back on the originall place and the red and green lights came backas before but again no deep sleep,so i desolder them back.So i guess it is a fault in the desighn on the daughter board,lights on,no deep sleep.Lights off then you have deep sleep.That is the case
  2. hi,i had the same problem with my C1D2 not going to deep sleep so i opened and remove the white and red wire,indeed it now goes in to deep sleep and i have no battery drain,only con is that now when i connect it to pc or charger i have no red or green light through usb port. Maybe those wires are for the charging light from the dna board to the daughter board and for some reason they do a short,anyway i prefer the deep sleep than the light.Next time i open the mod i will try to solder back one wire at the time to see the board behaviour
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