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  1. RallyRace


    Hello @p.aman you must save the file in UTF-8 format
  2. RallyRace


    Thanks @pol!This solution was the first one I tried !!!Unfortunately it does not work!
  3. RallyRace


    Hi,Italian translation for EScribe 1.2I try msgid for this window... Thanks!!!
  4. RallyRace


    thanks Pol
  5. RallyRace


    What I already translated !!!Unfortunately and the whole window as in the image that I find no references to make the translation !!!Thank you all for your interest
  6. RallyRace


    Good morning!I enclose the translation of the 1.0.56 version of escribe (sorry I just had a DNA75)Unfortunately I just can not find the solution to the window of analysis atomizer: Can someone pass me the correct msigd of this window?Thank you!EScribe 1.0.56 italian
  7. Thanks James for the quote very kind !!!
  8. RallyRace

    Hana V200

    I think the blame is also Evolv and not only manufacturer that assembles worse than the Chinese.It should give guidelines for assembly by Modders ...Who pays for all this damage? The losers is especially Evolv sees frustrate their technological efforts because from today, given the problems, fewer people will buy a DNA200.Evolv should call HANA to find an agreement on how to compensate around the world and sold as quickly as possible.Thank you!
  9. Hi!you can get a file EScribe.po complete with all original strings? In a manner as to facilitate the translation?Also how you can translate Menu items and those of various TABS?Thanks for your kind attention and answer!