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Weak Battery Error


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I have a new mod from a maker by the name of Fishbone mods, I cant seem to find any information on them, but its a dna 100c board inside, and no matter what battery I use, new or old, samsung or molicell, i get a weak battery error every puff i take, the batteries are at 100%, ive updated the chip, ive reset the chip, and im at a lost as it looks like i have a 400 dollar paper weight now

in escribe under mod> battery it says its a lithium ion 18650 and no way to change it to a 21700 or maybe im just unsure how to do so, ive googled to no end and have found nothing that helps

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6 minutes ago, dwcraig1 said:

Is the contacts for the battery clean? Try cleaning them with alcohol and cotton swab even if they appear clean. It could be a wiring problem like a poor solder joint.

Yeah they are clean, and I did it again just to be safe, Id take the device apart but its a 3d printed boro device and i don't see where i can realistically take it apart with out damaging the entire thing and the response from seller is since the people who made it are no longer making devices, they don't have to warranty it.

So ive given them $350 dollars.

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