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Prc ionbox AIO issues


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Hi guys! So i recently bought a ionbox prc AIO sxk with a dna60 chip. I have a boro with a 0.54 resistance inside. Even with a fresh New battery bought a Day ago (vtc6 3000) the mod dont do the watts i pretend. I program to 35 watts but only deliver between 20/26 watts... I dont understand..Also the battery indicator is always blinking dont know if its normal. Ive done everything on escribe twice, factory settings, New profiles, etc but continues the same. Anyone can help me? Or the chip has a defect? 


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I have two of them and they arrived with the same problem. The main problem is the battery isn't held in place tight enough. Using a100+ watt soldering gun I soldered a blob of silver solder to the positive end of the battery then took it down to 1.5 mm in height. This and a couple minor things fixed mine right up.

Here is a link to a post I made over at ECF: https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/threads/sxk-billet-box.898599/post-23558056

Read maybe 10 posts or so back for additional info.


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