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Mod resistance D-01 DotAIO - SKNKWORX


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Hi, I bought this mod and I noticed that the mod resistance is set to 0. Has anyone bought this mod? I hope someone can tell me what value should I put to get an accurate ohm reading. I usually use Kanthal coils, but this mod reads 1.17-18 ohm instead of 1.09-10 ohm.

It's a dot platform so it doesn't use Boro Tanks and I don't know how I could measure the internal resistance...

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Of the 4 AIO DNA60 mods that I have the internal resistance is much higher than my other DNA mods.

My AIO's read 0.012 ohm to 0.019 ohm.

It would be a bit difficult for you to measure it so I'll skip that.

Here's what I recommend, start with a value of 0.008 ohm and increase or decrease as needed, assuming that you know the ohms of the coils you mentioned above.

Put the value in the box in EScribe mod/electrical and upload settings. You may have to reboot the mod in EScribe or by taking the battery out and back in to see your results.

DNA60 SXK BB.png

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