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All onboard buttons depressed by actuators when board mount is flush with enclosure

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So I'm rebuilding an old mod. Upgraded from 200 to 250. I've got a Hammond 1t90b enclosure. Wall dimensions are as they should be, 2mm. I got actuators from Alpinetech, 1.5mm flange. I'm test fitting the board into the enclosure to measure power/ground in and out. With the board snapped into the holder (also Alpinetech), and the actuators in their holes, when I press the holder flush against the enclosure wall as it would be when installed, all of the actuators are depressed enough that all 3 onboard buttons are depressed. I can't figure out what is going on. This is not my first build by any means, not my first 200 to 250 conversion, and I've never seen this problem. 

I will say - when I first took it apart, the screen was attached to the board mount with a piece of double sided foam tape probably 2mm thick, so sticking out from the board mount rather than being flush like normal. The actuators also had very thin, maybe 0.5mm plates on the back of each, adding additional length to the actuators. 

I have no idea what this guy did or what is going on. Does anyone have any insight here? Thanks in advance. 

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