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Teaching myself to make custom themes so I downloaded a bunch of themes and set to work trying to pick them apart.

I didn't really understand how the User Toggles work (aside from toggling something) but after a quick search I found someone recommended the Gauges theme Lock Screen by @SirTimmyTimbit as a good example of how to set and use a user toggle.

So the central image on the Lock Screen is hidden if the 'condition' is set to User - Toggle 8 (is True)...
(see image below)

But how do I find the trigger/source that causes Toggle 8 to be True ?
I looked through all the pages and all the elements on each page and couldn't find anything else relating to User - Toggle 8, it doesn't seems to have a trigger/source.



I'm assuming this is how it works because...
There's a 'Classic UI' option on this theme's Settings page.
The Toggle element for that 'Classic UI' option has a 'Source' of User - Toggle 3.
The theme's Main Screen has a couple of elements that change state (some become visible, others become hidden) depending on whether this Toggle 3 has been triggered by the option in the theme's Settings page.
(see image below)



Or am I completely misunderstanding how these toggles work?

Any help would be much appreciated and apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place.


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There are no specifications as to how the so-called "user toggles" are to be used.

Every theme author uses them for different things, so it makes sense to reset them before installing a new theme (I created a tool for this find-fix-problems).

It also happens that conditions appear in a theme that are linked to a user toggle that is not set anywhere: many themes develop over a long period of time and not everything is always followed up, or certain fields are used in different themes and sometimes these conditions are very complex and an adaptation is neglected by the author. I am also affected by this, as I have developed both monolingual and bilingual themes. In my current theme there are always unused fragments of old versions - it's not nice and actually sloppy, but that's just the way it is.

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