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Custom Order 16 units I’m currently building

Mythology Design

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Hey guys,

I’m newly registered, but a long time lurker.

I used to build lots of custom mods from various chipsets years ago, but had hung up my tools for a few years as life got crazy. (4 years to be exact. Semi-retired from vape world and became an Aesthetic Laser Techician).
Last DNA build I did was a the first dna200 chip available in the market for a dual 18650 in a Pac-Man arcade candy tin. (Sorry I don’t have a pic of it anymore - pic got purged when I changed phones, might be able to find them if you Google search internet images).

I’ve done dual 18650 in a space invaders arcade candy tin with a yihi chipset.

built the smallest single battery regulated in the smallest clear dual 18650 battery case.

built a toy gun with the trigger as the fire button,… so many I’ve built, I’ve lost track. But those were the coolest ones I can think of right now.

1.5 months ago I got a message asking me to custom design and build 10x DNA250C units.

i had to buy all new tools and re familiarize myself with AutoCAD again.

Next thing I did was lurk the forums again to see if people are still building, lol.

After my initial build, it escalated to 16 units and my deadline is the end of the month,.. lol.

I’ll have the original 10 ready, still waiting on parts for the other 6.

It’s a top secret project, but I really need to kinda show off what I’m doing to people who can appreciate the work, to validate all the time I’m putting in. Because it’s a secret project, I can’t show off my work locally yet till after Xmas.

Project order specs:

- Must fit well in the hand, even for small hands

- Dual 21700 with the ability to use 18650 without too much trouble.

- Must be aesthetically pleasing (that was my ‘must have’ - I don’t like to build stuff that doesn’t look good or cool)

- Must feel solid and sturdy (resin bodies are reinforced with copper mesh - why copper? I can solder multiple pieces of copper to make shapes to fit the mold. Can’t solder with SS mesh. 1mm steel plate under the 510)

Chipsets were procured by the person who contacted me, I needed to supply and build everything else.

After a month of CAD and 3d print prototyping, I came up with a design similar to the old Smoant Battlestar mod.

once I finalized everything, parts were ordered and I decided to mold cast custom color resin bodies with either a polished or hammered copper or brass faceplate.

I’ll post up some pics of the 3 I’ve built so far.

This mod is far to big for me even though it fits in my small hands well, I’m more of a single 18650 mod guy.

I hope you guys can enjoy the pics as much as I am enjoying this build project!


3d printed battery sled and my wiring. Trying to keep it as clean as possible.



Took the multi-battery use idea from a battery charger. Pillaging the cheapest chargers I could find for the parts to make my sleds.


2x 21700s fit very well


2x 18650 with a custom silicone pad that attaches easily to the battery door.



Green/Black w/hammered copper face


Purple/Black/White w/hammered copper face



Blue/Teal/Yellow/Black w/hammered brass face.

yes, I even resin cast those tiny 5mm buttons.

All the resin bodies have a glittery effect - mica powder. Wreaks havoc when I try to use my laser engraver. I have to make 2-4 passes on some mold bodies.

when this project is all done, I’m going to work with the 100c and build some smaller mods.

If anyone still lurks this forum, please tell me what you think. Been a while since I’ve custom built mods and I’m certainly enjoying getting back into the game for the high-end exclusive custom builds!



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Finished my project!

not all the units are pictured because I made 2 of each color style, even though the patterns the resin made are different in each, I thought there was no point in posting every single one.


doesn’t seem like anyone custom makes mods anymore…. Well I hope you guys can appreciate the work I did?

if anyone wants one made of this style, shoot me a pm. I still have the molds and could whip one together in about 4-5 days (providing I have all the parts on hand)



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8 hours ago, Buzzkiller said:

Nice work! I have been tossing around the idea of building and selling,  but unsure,  since markets are so unstable right now.

Thank You

You are right, it’s flooded with so much low budget mods.

disposables are such a big hit, just need to wait for people to realize those are a waste of money.

Anything you make will be very niche and likely couldn’t make it full time without a ton of marketing and huge investment of time and money.

I’ve done it before and just barely broke even.

Designed and produced a tank many, many years ago that could use multiple coils without much modification.

sold about 3000 units, but that only covered all my expenses. Then the next ‘greatest’ tank came on the market and all was a wash.

I’m not going to focus in this. I’ll make one if someone wants, but this won’t be my livelihood.

I do plan to make a single 18650 one for myself with the DNA100c (already have a couple chips), but that will be when I’m not too busy and feeling inspired.

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Yes, there is a lot of low budget junk out there, I learned that the hard way. Then, when the Vaporshark DNA 60 hit the market, I bought one and never looked back. Been using the Evolv Chipset ever since, and rarely have a problem with them.

No one wants plain jane box mods, so have been looking into custom engraving and wraps, but after all is said and done, breaking even would be about all you could do, if you're lucky.

Good luck!!!































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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