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Hadron Mini 100c screen flash

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After updating to lastest softwere on esribe screen flash write for 1 second only on lock screen and for some time ater that the issue not showing again. When screen flash white and leve it for an houer the issue appear again. The strange thing is when mod is unlock the issue is not present. Befiore the update everything was fine and two other mods with 250c works great without this issue and they are also updated !

Link to video is this uploaded not work https://drive.google.com/file/d/1evCLCt7ICNGpt3t2WSoUdDFYLPSJlq-a/view?usp=sharing

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Dnia 25.06.2022 o 02:04, dwcraig1 napisał:

I have two DNA100's. Both are set not to lock automatically. When asleep and I hit the fire button for the first time the screen does just what your video is showing.

From what happend to me and wjat you write pretty sure it is a firmware bug/issue. Qestion for 1mln dollars what next   ?

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