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In the day and age where you are up against improbable odds, overreaching Government Regulation, bought and paid for corrupt shills with PhD monikers that just won't go away no matter how much they are marginalized, discredited and internationally laughed at, an industry consensus that all those that are going to convert already have converted, a vaping community/market that long since converted and has moved briskly on from cigarette-like to more, you invest in and take considerable effort to make the experience better for converting smokers to vaping which reduces harm and saves lives.

In addition to the numerous evidenced based scientific tests performed around the globe, none other than the organization that were first to alert us all about the dangers of smoking, the Cancer Research UK has performed evidenced based research from long term clinical trials and studies that prove e-cigarettes are indeed safer than smoking.

I'm not saying the Reflex is perfect. I'm not saying the Reflex is for everyone, and I'm not saying how many, if any, it will actually convert from smoking. I am saying once again, you guys are leading vaping in the right direction. From Variable Power to Temperature Control and now with what I will call "mimicking cigarette air flow and intensity".


For what it's worth Evolv, From me to you, Bless You and Thank You!

I now form a cross in the air with my right index finger and speak the words hominy dominie nabisco, and shake my hand as if sprinkling holy water!

No better deed can be done than saving lives.


While I completely and easily converted from smoking and chewing to vaping in 2012, my wife has not. She says she wants to convert, she says she needs to convert, so after numerous misses, we are about to see if this is the "Lucky Charm". After a few days her complaints are the mouth piece is too hot and a harsh sensation in the back of her mouth/throat and this is with the Reflex on the lowest setting, blue light "Ultra-Light". Though on the lowest setting she is willing to "live with" the heat at the mouthpiece sensation but the harshness in the back of the throat continues to be a stumbling block. I keep encouraging her to not give up and we will keep trying until we get it right.

She smokes Pall Mall 100's and in addition to trying many of the over 100 atomizers, two dozen mods and over two dozen different store bought and DIY tobacco flavors, free base or salt, from 3 to 24mg including what I normally vape which is no flavorings whatsoever, 100%VG or 85%PG, 20mg/ml free base nic under Evolv DNA Temp control at 360F and 310F respectively, this complaint of "too harsh" is always there. While I don't mind, she does. Is there a way to tone down this sensation? Is there a way to lower the temperature intensity in the Reflex?

I enjoy the reflex on medium as is but like her, my only minor improvement recommendation is the mouthpiece shape. Minor to be sure, but a sleeve that better mimics the shape and sensation of a paper filter cigarette I feel would do the trick for her. I'm thinking about "macguyvering" one. For me, little things like this mean nothing. But for a smoker trying to convert, the smallest distraction can become a stumbling block.

Very much appreciate the small size, lightweight and airflow mimicking an analog. Really appreciate the thinness of the device. I appreciate the intensity coming from king size full flavor camel, boro, PM and RYO.

Power == Volume || Taste == Temperature

#Proud to be an anecdote

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Thanks Squirrel I see Preheat and Limit percentages. I guess they are percentages of total device power. I did make a drip tip adapter out of wood to fit on the end of the device, sealed on with melted wax from a birthday candle and stuffed the bore with a little bit of rayon and this did the trick to stop the heat at the drip tip and eliminate her throat sensation so finally, she is vaping. Still smoking but also vaping. This may do the trick to get her off smoking altogether. FYI I tried a cigarette filter, just snapped one off one of her PM 100's and it was always too restrictive. I cut in half then half again. A little rayon is what did the trick. 

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