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Temp control under performing

Aus David

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Hi all

Sorry for the long back story. I just want to put my question into context.

I am new to DNA vaping. I tried temp control on a regular mod and liked it so decided to kick it up a notch and get a LVE Paranormal. In previous mods in wattage mode I was judging what wattage to try for any given coil by raising the wattage until I got to about 3.5 - 4 volts. Thats where I found I was getting good flavor. Currrent was usually above 10 amps.

In temp control I have read many times that most people vape at a temp between 200C and 250C. I have also read that over 250C can start to produce other chemicals from burning flavors and be potentially bad. A have also read that you shouldn't vape over 5 volt.

So far, I am getting best flavor at 250C but it still very muted as compared to wattage mode.

My setup: I am using a LVE paranormal with Samsung 30Q 18650 batteries. Atomizer is either a Hellvape Destiny or Asmodus Barrage. Both single coil, SS316L, 8 wraps of 26ga single wire, about .6 ohm.

Last night I decided to try the diagnostic tool to see what is happening live during a draw to see if it would help me tweak settings. I found that at 250c, 35 watts with 55 watt boost it is struggling to get up to temp. Current was stable at about 6 amps and voltage was up to over 5 volt. I dropped temp to 225C. Got to temp after 1 - 2 seconds, around 4.5 volts and still around 6 amp.

I am feeling that maybe it is under performing due to the current being so low and using voltage to deliver the power instead of raising both.

I hope this is enough information.

Thank you in advance.

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I'm not sure if I understand your post but here is something to consider. The DNA 250 and DNA250 are buck boards. When these boards operate on two cells the maximum voltage output is lower than what the data sheet states for these boards. For the DNA250 board the maximum votage output is 6.2 volts and the DNA250C is only slightly higher when operated with two cells. What ever the voltage drop of the cells is the output voltage can never be higher.

I putyour .6 ohm coil @ .7 ohm hot @ 55 watts into an Ohm's Law calculator and got 6.2 volts, you are probably hitting the cap. Try building your coil a little lower, say .35 ohm and see if it makes a difference.

If you are not achieving the set temp setting then you for the most part vaping wattage. 

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