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Orion PLUS DNA Can't get more than 18W


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I am orion plus new user. Just been using for 2 days. My questions is does orion plus is limited to 18 w puff power only ?

If i'm setting power more than 18 watt (Ex 20,22,24 watt) device monitor only show 18++ watt power puff only. 

I am using regular Regular 0.5ohm coil that come with the orion plus package.

Attach screen shot of device monitor and my setting.





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The board has a maximum voltage output of about 3.5 volts. Your live ohms while not shown is about .7 ohms. When these figures are put into a Ohm's Law calculator the result is 17.5 watts. You  can get higher wattage output by using a lower resistance coil.

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