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stock ss316 material


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First of all, I'm new to TC,  and was just happily using replay and VW without any problems, but after reading some horrifying stories about chemicals in temperatures over 450f, I've decided to go into TC route, or at least being able to see the temps I do replay on (by equipping SS316 as material in watts mode, using replay enabled checker and setting temp limit higher than 450, so it won't be regular TC, but more of replay with the bonus of showing temperature readings).

I have think vape finder 250c with Reload RTA and bought pre-made ss316l coils (Fused Clapton 2x0.4ss + 0.1 ni80, dual coil 3mm, 0.11-0.13Ohm as advertised) and when I try to use stock ss316 profile it barely makes any vapor/flavor I even doubt it reaches boiling point, at least I can't sense any pops inside the atty but it still reaches 232 or even 250c in less than second (I ran it with 67.5w, 80w preheat, 5 punch). Cold resistance reads at about 0.114 Ohms and in order to get some taste outta this thing I have to manually adjust the resistance to 0.116-8, but I doubt the temperature readings would be accurate that way (not that I think they were accurate before, but anyways).  

Btw I've tried to use Jaquith's ss316l v.3.25 profile and it works, I can hear BP has finally reached and the taste of the liquid kicks in, but I assume he made those profiles for the specific UD ss316l alloy, and I don't know what kind of SS I have in my coils and giving such drastic difference I'm kind of paranoid that I'm reaching higher temps than I should If I want to stay in somewhat safe zone of non getting any nasty chemicals at high temps.

I've read countless info to no avail, could you guys help me out please?

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I have a similar experience with SS316L TC on my DNA250C mods, I have both a Paranormal and a Drone. The issue I see, the DNAs consistently measure the resistance as lower than my meter, and two other non-DNA mods I own, one with a Hohmtech FSK chip, the other with a Yihi chip. The vape experience on the DNAs is weak flavor and minimal vapor. If I switch to either of the other mods, and do a cold resistance measurement, the vape experience is as I would expect. With my DNAs, I find I have to adjust the resistance up slightly and lock the resistance, to get the vape experience that I would expect.

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