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  1. Yeah I know every theme is different it's just that theme in particular doesn't have a replay toggle, at least I can't find it. I've even checked with the theme designer to no avail. I guess I will have to add it myself if I want to use it.
  2. Yeah, thanks for trying to help, anyways!
  3. I think it's not... When I press the fire button it actually shows the current from the battery being drawn (mod is not connected to usb) and it's the same as the one from the device monitor (in the battery section). Below is the screenshot of the reading I mention. Miscellaneous->usb->current is probably the reading you're talking about.
  4. Sorry, can you please be a bit more specific? I can't even change watts on the main screen of replay profile.
  5. Hello, first I'm new to this, so please bear with my newbiness for a while. I've been trying to edit other member theme, Kirby v.1.4, in particular I want to switch "atomizer current" readings to "battery current", but when I do this, the reading I missing before and after the puffs and only showing whenever I press hit button on my mod. I want it to be displaying the battery current after I make a puff and don't disappear instantaneously the moment after the puff ends. Here's the steps I take: I go to theme's designer->screens->main screen->selecting the reading I'm ab
  6. Hey, I really like your theme, but it seems there're no replay functionality on this one, or am I missing something obvious?
  7. Hey, First of all, I'm new to TC, and was just happily using replay and VW without any problems, but after reading some horrifying stories about chemicals in temperatures over 450f, I've decided to go into TC route, or at least being able to see the temps I do replay on (by equipping SS316 as material in watts mode, using replay enabled checker and setting temp limit higher than 450, so it won't be regular TC, but more of replay with the bonus of showing temperature readings). I have think vape finder 250c with Reload RTA and bought pre-made ss316l coils (Fused Clapton 2x0.4ss + 0.1
  8. Hey, why is device monitor and onboard information shows different stats, could it that puff info just shows averages for temps and Watts? If so, is there any way for it to show max temp reached? New to DNA, so excuse my newbie question...
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