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I have a lavabox dna 75,then do escribe with this setting power 30w tempr 390F preheat 40w prepunch 5 1s 

When i start firing the Watt always start from 0/2 watt i hold till tempr protec, max Watt i got only 22w 

So this is normal ? SS316L awg 26, 0.5ohm

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EScribe will help you figure it out as to what is happening. Your temp is rather low so it will be easy to hit.  Check to see that your voltage drop when firing isn't dropping to the level of the Cell Soft Cut Off.  Most likely you just achieving your temperature setting and the wattage is reducing as needed.

In the snippet my DNA 75 dropped down to 2.71 volts for just a moment, the Cell Soft Cut Off here is 2.75 volts. If it would have stayed at 2.71 volts for any longer the wattage would have dropped.

voltage drop.JPG

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