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Vicious ant club omega


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While it could be a weak battery try this first:

Remove the battery adjustment cap and clean the threads on it as well as the threads in the mod for it with alcohol. I have a VA  DNA75 Spade and have to do this occasionally. 

Also what wattage are you using and what battery?

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I've been told that because the body of the club omega is aluminium, one must lubricate the threads on the battery cap and the atomizer with a small amount of electrically conductive anti-corrosize grease.  The recommendation I got was to use a product called NO-OXID-A-SPECIAL, which is sold here as "oxy-guard". Those aluminium threads will oxidise and aluminium oxide is really really hard. The goop gets rid of the oxide and keeps the air out to prevent further oxidization. It's dark and looks gross and you don't want to use too much but it makes a world of difference in performance. Put it on with a q-tip. Every month or so wipe it out and apply more. 

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