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Huge 30mm quad fused build with DNA250c is possible?

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I have a 30mm velocity style RDA that I'm hoping to make really big clouds/builds with just for fun now and then - not an everyday vape of course (I normally vape only single coil 5 wrap fused Clapton RTA at about 18W).

My triple 18650 HCigar VT250s DNA250 is bricked..., so I'm looking to buy something new. Hoping to find something similar to the VT250s which can hold dual 18650 (167w?) or triple 18650 (250W), but with a newer and probably Color DNA board, but if no such MOD exists then I'll get a triple-only 18650 DNA (triade etc).

Anyway, so is this even possible considering the DNA board can only fire down to about .10 ohms? I don't want to go the unregulated route and risk anything and as mentioned this huge build will just be for fun now and then so don't feel like getting a $200 unregulated 4-cell MOD just for that.

What would be the best and safest batteries to try this, and should I make the builds Stainless Steel? I have SS fused Clapton wire. Was hoping to basically make long quad coils with that in the 30mm RDA but not sure. Either way even if I can only get like a triple coil to fire with the DNA instead of a quad fused Clapton 30mm it should be a ton of vapor.

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43 минуты назад, vapesmooth234 сказал:

В любом случае, так ли это возможно, если учесть, что плата ДНК может сработать только до 0,10 Ом?

Я использовал четырехъядерные катушки на ДНК 250с, сопротивление 0,076 Омм, мощность 130 Ватт, все отлично


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