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Firmware Question

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Hi everyone. I was looking at the most up to date fw versions and it looks like the dna250c is several service packs ahead of the 75c numerically. Now I know I can use dna250c themes on the 75c but what about fw? im getting the weak battery bug and im on fw v1.1 sp33 is it not smart to flash the 250c fw v1.1 sp38? 

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The firmware is for each specific board only.

Use Device Monitor in EScribe to assist you in finding the problem. Note the voltage drop when firing vs what the Cell Soft Cutoff is set at, sould be 2.75 volts default. It's your battery can't output enough power or the connections from the battery to board are at fault. 

There are no firmware updates for the 75C for awhile now, most likely because it doesn't need one.

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