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WARNING: Theme Designer's "Language" Tab is Hard Bugged


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I am currently working on 3 DNA Color Themes. I modified one of them to a different language (Greek). Therefore i went to the language tab and changed all the messages and a few other things to that language. All good so far, i saved it. After a while I opened the second file that i am working on and the language tab was changed to Greek without me ever doing that. I open up the 3rd theme, same thing. I was starting to think that the language tab became a personal setting or something and the theme had no control over it.

The language tab transfers all its settings to other themes you've worked on recently. When you save a theme file, there's a good chance the language tab will be saved to other themes you were working on recently.

I checked older themes and file themes i had, it wasn't transferred there when i opened them. Therefore my conclusion that it only transfers to themes you've recently worked on.

1st thing that crossed my mind is that it is related to the session. Therefore i was closing the program and re-opened it to work on another theme to avoid this issue. Did not matter at all, the issue happened again in less than 20 minutes.

Im terrified to open Theme Designer at this point, don't want my Themes to get infected by the language tab.

Since I'm on the language tab issues, might as well report another problem, this one is minor compared to the other one. Fields there are blank by default. But if you EVER type something in a field, it can NEVER be blank ever again. Which is just inconvenient in the least since we need to re-type everything it originally says.

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