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Rebuilding the POD


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Hi there, a friend of mine was able to rebuild his pod (orion dna go) and that gives me an interest to buy one.

I have bought a unit and already tried rebuilding the pod, if you're an experience builder, you must have patience on building this.

As they say.."patience is a virtue".

Here's the link of the video

Rebuilding Orion pods - demo was made from Orion Q pod

Rebuilding Orion DNA go Pod

Btw, build mine on 26 gauge kanthal wire, ohms reading of .6

My escribe settings is:

WHITE - 25w

BLUE - 30w

RED - 35w 

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I tried that too after stumbling upon a how-to video on YouTube. I gave up in frustration after an hour. All was well and pretty simple till the very end where the coil is installed and the wick just needs to be pulled through the tiny holes into the juice chamber. Maddening! Next time I'll feed a length of wire through through the holes beforehand to attach my wick to and fish it through.

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