PLEASE HELP - hate the orion

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I'm am VERY new to vaping.  I've been smoking a pack a day for years and I recently got a juul.  I like it but it seems inconsistent and the pods definitely don't seem like the most affordable option so I wanted to try something nicer.  The shop I went to wasn't very helpful in addressing my personal needs and I just kind of ended up with an Orion DNA. 
I immediately HATED it.  I got some peachy rings flavor in the nic salt and I thought that was the issue but I tried a couple of other flavors and they aren't really helping.  No matter what the flavor is just way too much.  The juul's flavor tastes way more discreet to me.
I want to quit smoking for good and ideally I would like to make the Orion work for me now that I'm stuck with it.  I tried adjusting the airflow but no matter what the flavor is just way too intense and it feels like all of the flavors have the same gross after taste.  First I tried the .5 cartridge and now I have the .25.  I set up escribe but I am incredibly overwhelmed with all of the settings and terminology and I just don't understand any of it.

Please tell me that adjusting the settings could help make using it more enjoyable.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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hi,you can use the nic salt with the 0.5 only not with the 0.2.

0.5 is mtl and 0.2 is dl.

so my advise use the 0.5 with nicotine salt and try not to use 50 mg reduce it to 25 mg then shift to free base nicotine 6 mg or 3 mg with the 0.5 coil.

use the minimum setting the blue colour also you can play with the escribe setting and reduce the boost to 0 and the replay mode to 1 this will let the pods lasts longer but i am not doing this bec i always feel something missing.

 try also to use 50 pg and 50 vg 


hope that i helped you

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