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No Atomiser issue


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I know, I know, it's probably a regular topic but I just can't find the solution despite having a look around. I've  got a Paranormal 250C and after changing the coil as usual, I get this message now.

The solution seems to clean the coil under it and clean on the connection on the mod but even after doing this I still get that message. I've put the coil on a different mod and I also get this message. Same result when I try another brand new coil. 


Any suggestion? 

Thanks so much


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I assumed that the issue was coming from the atomizer (a freemax pro mesh) because it doesn't work on a different mod but actually when I put a tank that works fine on the DNA mod I now get Check Atomizer message ... humm 😭

I've never had so many issues with a mod than this Paranormal Mod .. driving me mad


Any advice will be much appreciated!

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Right so I've checked the pin, if I press on it it does goes down a bit and back up but I’m not sure how smooth that should be. It feels quite stiff but there is some movement possible up and down.

Do you mean I should unscrew the screws around it as well to do this? I basically used tweezer to wiggle it and pull it up.

Thinking of it, last month if I screwed my tank very tight I would get the Check Atomizer message .. maybe it’s just too low now and won’t spring back up correctly.

No idea how to fix that though

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