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Repeated, similar, board failures


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I hate posting this because I love Evolv products, but I'm a little disappointed in the 75C.  I've had three, in two different mods, fail since getting them last February.

They've all failed in a similar fashion.  The first one did the "white screen" thing first, then started going to sleep immediately during use, or shutting off in mid puff. It finally refused to turn on.  The other two failed without the "white screen" problem but did the same sleep/shut off problem.  Both mods are  GL2s powered with dual, parallel, 20700s.  Battery life, when they work, is outstanding but they just keep stopping working!  What makes it a real PITA is that the board sled is glued into the case making it time consuming to take the board out for replacement.

I am experienced in soldering and have built at least a dozen DNA mods ranging from DNA40s to DNA250Cs.  Some of those were built from scratch rather than being pre-machined cases.  All of them, with the exception of one DNA250, are still operating on their original boards while the 75Cs don't seem to last more than about four months of regular use.

Has anyone else experienced this, or I am just "lucky"?

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I have five Lost Vape Therion 75c, and one Mirage mod. 

They all use the Evolv DNA75C board. 

I never had any sort of problem with those mods, and I use them quite extensively. 

This to say, I believe the failures you experienced, are likely to be caused by a factor external to the board. 

Humid or salt-water environment, excessive temperature swings, excessive electrostatic charge (carpets), excessive RF fields, and many more could be the cause of your multiple failure. 

Once you are 100% sure that there are no external causes of failure, only then, consider you have come across three defective DNA75C boards. 

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Let's see, I live in Southern New Jersey.  It does get humid but no other board types have been effected.  I haven't been near the ocean for a few years so no salt water problems.  They all live inside the house so temperature swings might be from 85 for a high to 65 for a low.  Carpets, especially during the summer, don't produce much static electricity.  The nearest radio station is about two miles away and is only a "sunrise/sunset", 10Kw transmitter.  I'll add that there has be no liquid inside any of the 75C mods, either.


Given that only the 75C boards have failed in this manner, and all have failed in the same manner, it's hard to believe that any outside factor is involved.  All of my other mods, from 40 to 250C , all seem to survive very well in the exact same environment.

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The failures you've described are not being caused by external issues. It is possible that a number of boards were constructed with sub-par components, and/or improperly formatted. The fact that the boards are no longer covered under warranty, is a positive indication that there is an issue with the design, and/or propritary components. I'm on my 3rd replacement DNA75C board. Evolv did the last replacement at no-charge, but future board replacements will come at a cost. I assume so anyway... 

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