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Ohms & adjustments question re new tank


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I need to know am I supposed to set and lock the ohms, using Data Miner 1.3 theme? Reason is I'm using new Vaporesso Cascade Baby sub ohm tank, the 5ml size with the preinstalled GT Mesh coil rated 50W - 85W  0.18 ohms, and it's showing the ohms is 0.183, using wattage setting only, I just set it to 0.18 and locked it but diagnostics screen says 0.184 after firing, amps says 19.765 after firing, on mod screen. Even the Target Pro tank using the Kanthal or SS ccells it always gave a different reading on those as well unless I adjusted and locked them. This new VCB tank will only fire at the 75 W setting any lower it won't, and I'm already feeling it's firing hot on my tongue, taking hit after hit only to read it for this and the tank is now very warm, so I need to know - Do I need to set a temp limit as well since I have auto detect off and temp control off? Is there any way to adjust settings so it will fire at lower watts? It's not tasting burnt or dry just hot, I presoaked and let it sit after filling tank for 1 hr. The other coil it came with is a GT 8 coil 0.15 ohms 50 - 110 W has SS? coils inside the cotton but I haven't used it. I can get and most likely will get the GT ccells which use lower watts due to 75W being the limit for the DNA 75C, unless someone can tell me if I can get around the watts using it in temp control mode. I'm using a 26650 battery.

Sorry it's a lot of questions but the tank and coils are new to me and I've been wanting to try the GT coils for flavor, and sooner or later the kanthal and SS ccells will most likely be retired since the tanks have. I also wanted a tank that wouldn't leak and was top fill by just sliding top to one side, but mainly for flavor since I'm vaping with 12% nic and a coffee - not sweet - liquid and it's a bit dark. I'm already happy with this tank and mesh coil but didn't buy extra until I tried the ones that came with it and got some help/suggestions from someone here re adjustments. Not chasing clouds just MTL.

Thanks for any help!

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