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Hi guys hope your all well,  I have just purchased a lost vape paranormal dna250c this morning (My first dna) I put a build in of 22g round ss316l 3mm id dual coils 8 wraps running 0.14ohms replay was working fine then when I got home I built some 20g flat wire ss316l 3mm id 7 wraps 0.8ohms and replay is not working need help, I haven't downloaded escribe to update to latest version yet will do that in the morning and will also try the original round wire again.  But could anybody shed light please. 


Thank you

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Well for one you need to make sure that Replay is enabled in the profile that you are using.

Also make sure your flat wire is SS and not Kanthal or Nichrome.

EScribe will be most helpful in resolving this, note difference between cold ohms and live ohms when firing using Device Monitor, TC wire increases resistance while Nichrome and Kanthal remain constant.

Without a resistance change when heated Replay can not work.

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