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Always getting weak battery error


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Need some help, i am new to DNA, and i kept on getting an error using my VA spade dna75c, even when using freshly charged batteries, i am getting the error, i've tried both my older vtc5a's and the new set i just bought... I'm using a single coil atty, with a 0.30ohm kanthal build. Please help....

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Use device monitor in Escribe with the cell checked, fire it and hoover your mouse on the low point and read voltage (red arrow).

If it's below what your soft cell cut off is that's why you get the message. If you see too much voltage drop look to all the connections from the battery to the board.  If the battery adjustment screw can be removed do that. Clean all threads of cap with alcohol even if they appear clean, clean the mod's positive battery contact as well as each end of the battery.

Most likely there is a poor connection between the battery and the board.

Check what your soft cell cut off is set to, I would set mine to 2.75 volts.

voltage drop.jpg

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