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Battery Capacity


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Hello everybody

I have the same problem than corforbins above:

Today I received my new Lost Vape Orion :)

First charging by USB on my computer: after +/- 1 hour battery level = 98% (green/blue led color on box) , after 2 hours it's alreafdy the same thing, 15 minutes later (after 2 hours and 15 minutes) the device disconnects of the computer automatically :(

Thanks in advance you for your help


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The device will go to sleep after X amount of time connected to the computer and charging. The LED light will go off and the device will disconnect from the computer. This behavior is normal. 

However, like yourself, I am wondering why on all 3 of my devices the battery capacity varies seeing these are new batteries. 

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Hi Colforbins

Thank you for the information

I can understand this behavior but after a full charging, not after 98%...

I have heard that some first Orion boxes were defective, but mine is recent (board programmed on October 24)

The next charge I will test on a wall charger, hoping that the problem will solve...

If other users encountered our problem, please help us

Thank you

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I've tested on both a wall charger with no different results. I am thinking this isn't the board but rather variances in each of the batteries capacity. I could be wrong but either way on brand new devices (I have three) one would presume they each should be able to reach 100% charge.  

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