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    Battery Capacity

    I've tested on both a wall charger with no different results. I am thinking this isn't the board but rather variances in each of the batteries capacity. I could be wrong but either way on brand new devices (I have three) one would presume they each should be able to reach 100% charge.
  2. colforbins

    Battery Capacity

    Greg_, The device will go to sleep after X amount of time connected to the computer and charging. The LED light will go off and the device will disconnect from the computer. This behavior is normal. However, like yourself, I am wondering why on all 3 of my devices the battery capacity varies seeing these are new batteries.
  3. colforbins

    Battery Capacity

    I have 3 brand new Lost Vape DNA GO's. One device charges up to 100%, one 94%, and the other 97%. Is this something I should even be concerned about? Thank you all!
  4. colforbins

    Battery light

    My issue was the cable was rated for power only. I got a data cable and all is good now. You are right. Was a bit misleading but the light does turn blue; it's just a blue-green. I've got 2 new devices. One charges full capacity at 94% (4.1v) and the other at 100% (4.15v). Not a huge deal but just curious why one won't reach full capacity.
  5. colforbins

    Battery light

    I have 2 Lost Vape DNA GO's and neither is detected by Windows via USB. Also, at full charge both my devices LED lights are Green. I've never seen blue yet as the user's guide denotes.