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Issues with resistance and TC mode (already sent in the device)


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I had the DNA 200 for about three months(it's my brothers).  When we first received the device TC mode did not work. It constantly said, "Temperature Protected" or something along those lines. I sent in the device for him a few weeks ago, and it came back. TC mode was working fine for a few days, now there are problems again. I made sure everything with tight(screws and atomizer). Everything was solid. I turned on the Atomizer Analyzer in escribe. The resistance was fluctuating a lot. 

I put on another RDA and the resistance was still all over the place. I plugged in my DNA 250C and turned on Atomizer Analyzer and the resistance was solid on all the RDAs.  So I know it's not the RDA it is the device. On my DNA250c the resistance read 0.19 ohms. On the DNA 200 it was jumping around between 0.24 - 0.30 ohms.  I manually set the resistance and it appears to be working for now on the DNA 250.  I shouldn't have to do that.

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