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75c odd behavior and a question


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Hey guys,  hopefully someone can help me out. 

1)  Everytime I swap a battery on my mod my puff counter goes down by a random number of puffs. If I go into the device/puff recorder screen it shows what I think is the correct number of puffs, it is way higher than the lifetime puff count on the mod. Even using escribe the non resetable lifetime puffs will go down when the battery is pulled and replaced

2)   when I swap batteries the mod has just recently started being locked after the new battery is put in. It hasn't done this until recently,  before all I had to do was hit the fire button once to wake it up and puff away, now I have 5 click to unlock it after every battery change.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Ps I'm running the newest international escribe and firmware.

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It could be that your amount of clicks to unlock was reset to the defaut 5 clicks, if you go back to the software and click on Safety tab there will be a box with number of clicks to lock and default is 5 , also is a box for number of clicks to unlock and the default is 5 F's or FFFFF, just reset that to 1 F, there's also a lock time default being 240 minutes which you can reset or just unclick the auto lock when idle in which case the amount of time it locks for box goes away. You have to save this or choose upload settings to device once you click the general tab before you leave the software as far as I know. Anyway that's what I think may be the issue you're having is it went back to default settings. 

This may also be why your puff count isn't what you think it should be since you can change the length of the puff time in same Safety tab, try also resetting your puffs down to zero. All I know is if you change anything you have to save it which will give you an exe file to upload to the mod or just use upload settings before you quit the app or disconnect.

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