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DNA 250C no current from USB


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I have two identical Lost Vape Project Sub-Ohm Triade DNA 250C devices. One of them is having charging issues.

I've hooked the malfunctioning device up to the Device Monitor and here is what I've observed:

  • it reads a consistent voltage from the usb power supply
  • at about 10 second intervals it will read usb current and then quickly snap back to zero current

I've designed a theme where I can monitor these values from the device UI and this behavior is seen on all chargers that I hook it to.

Things that I've already attempted in order to resolve the issue:

  • different sets of batteries
  • high amperage USB chargers
  • low amperage USB chargers
  • updating firmware
  • verify that identical, functioning device behaves properly in all above tests


Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 2.15.45 PM.png

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