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therion 166 does not turn on after sleep


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I am experiencing the following issue:

When I am inserting the batteries the mod works fine, but the moment I leave it idle and the screen goes off the mod does not wake up again no matter what i press. At that point if I remove the batteries and put them back in the mod starts up and works normally again until the moment the screen goes off and it again does not wake up until I reinsert the batteries.

If I have the mod connected to pc with the device monitor open everything is fine, no freezes.

The mod does not seem to get stuck and resets. What I mean, if I lock the mod then wait for the screen to go off and then the mod would not wake up. I remove the batteries, put them back in, the mod wakes up and it is still locked.


edit: forgot to mention that of course the batteries are fully charged and I have tried with different sets of batteries. same issue. I have also went through the faq here and everything is fine (screen disconnect: 0, etc)

Any help please ?


thank you

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