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Jac Vapour Series-B DNA 75 no display


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I have a problem with my box. I bought it last tuesday. I've applied the last service pack from escribe, and a new theme find on this site. Everything was ok. But suddenly, since yesterday, there is absolutely no display on my box. I try to restore defaults but the issue always here. There is someone who can help me to solve this problem ?

There is my diagnostic information via escribe :

Serial Number: CEOW NSXP AAGG
Firmware Version: 2016-06-05
Revision Code: 201606050

USB Vendor ID: 268B
USB Product ID: 0408
USB Product Version: 1.0

Thanks and regards

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In Escribe under the screen tab look at the settings, unless they are set near zero there is a problem with the screen. It may not be attached correctly to the board.

Be sure to upload any changes that you make.


Being that you restored default setting I'm thinking a problem with the screen .

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