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I want to make a Dual 21700 Squonk mod DNA 250c


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Unless you want to make the enclosure yourself, you would be relying on either a Hammond / Alpinetech style enclosure or a 3D printed style.  Once you pick out the enclosure, then you can start gathering parts.....

squonk compatible 510

squonk bottles

silicone wiring for baord

dual 21700 sled (make sure enclosure allows for this size)

board mounting hardware, sled, screws, button actuators

Where to get various bits and bobs....... Shapeways, Ebay, Varitube, Fat Daddy Vapes, Modcrate, Protovapor, Creme De Vape, Stealth Vape...... are a few good sites for parts. Basically just Google the parts you're looking for. You'll find all of the pieces eventually. 

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