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Stainless Steel 316L and Replay


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What is the deal with stainless steel coils and replay. When my device does give me the option for save puff I really enjoy replay but with stainless I hardly ever get the option to save puff. Like it thinks it’s not temp sensing wire. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. ......I get my coils from advanced vape supply and use FRAMED STAPLE COIL 316L SS and ALIEN COILS 316L SS


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My guess would be that you don't have the mod's internal resistance set accurately. A small deviation unaccounted for can affect how the board measures resistance and cause various issues with temp control and replay.

I use SS316L exclusively and haven't had any issues with temp or replay.

Use a copper plug/bolt that threads into the 510, or in a pinch an RDA/RTA with heavy gauge copper wire in place of a coil, to dead-short the mod.

Run EScribe, and go to "Mod", "Electrical". Set "Mod Resistance" to zero ohms.

Upload Settings.

Then, under the "General" tab, click "Atomizer Analyzer" at the bottom of the screen. Since the atomizer is effectively shorted, whatever the mod reports as "Raw" resistance is a good estimate of the internal resistance.

Use approx. 80% of the "Raw" number, and input that as your "new" Mod Resistance.


Hopefully things start acting right.


Screenshot from 2018-07-07 20-55-20.png

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