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250C Paranormal. intermittently not waking up


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just bought a paranormal on the 2nd of june and every once in awhile i have to press the fire button about 50 times to get it to wake up. Its never been dropped, everything is tight, when its running its perfectly fine, no issues whatsoever. it did to me twice the other day at work which was annoying but not since. its happened to me on about 6 or 7 different occasions now tho and id like to know if any one has an idea what i can do about it? is there a firmware update that fixes it or? 

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I have exactly the same issue.

I sent it back to the shop where I bought it from, and they said "We've updated the firmware and thats resolved the issue" which was a load of rubbish, as I had it running the latest FW. I suspect that it is a FW issue, but to rule out HW I have changed the unlock key from the 'Fire' button to the 'Up' button. If this resolves the issue, I still need to disprove which of the changes resolved the issue, Ill do this by changing the button back to the 'Fire' button and if the issue no longer is present, I know that it is firmware.

I have just downgraded the firmware from 1.1 SP33.2 to 1.1 SP33.

Im hoping that, that resolves the issue. Will report back.


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