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A help hand in understanding the Replay function


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Hi All!

A help hand is required to understand the Replay function in a 75C DNA. I will try to give you as much information as I can, so please excuse the big post.

I own a Mirage 75C and the Theme I use is that of Frank65. I have created two profiles. One with the Reply activated and one with no Replay.  For the time being I use the FODI F2 RDTA with the below settings:

SS316L, 28AWG, 7 separated turns on 3mm diameter, 0.78 Ohm, 16W with Punch to 20W and Temp 210 C (Cotton Bacon Prime).

Using the non Replay profile, the diagram in Device Monitor is as per below image:


What I cannot understand is why the Watt remains on the Punch level of 20 W and don't drop to 16W after a while. Apart that, I'd pleased to hear your comment about the rest of the curves. Are they in the correct limits of a DNA 75C?


Using the Replay mode, I have the below diagram:


Is this the way the Reply works? That is, the constant changes in voltage supply and the changes in the wattage is because the Replay tries to reproduce the saved puff? What I see is correct or I have done some kind of a mess? 

Any help should be much appreciated. Thank you!




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