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which themes can I use?

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Hi guys! New to the forum, and DNA in general. I have a quick question that I'm hoping someone can help with.

I just purchased my first DNA device, a Paranormal 250c(love it btw!) My question is - can I use the pre-made 75c themes on my 250c device, and if so, are there any risks or limitations when doing so?

Thanks in advance!

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Oh alright, thanks so much. It's cool that you can use 75c themes on a 250c because there doesn't seem to be very many 250c specific themes available. I'm assuming because it's so new.

By the way, I'm happy that it was you that replied because your therion/paranormal theme is by far my favorite theme at the moment, it's really clean and colorful, and easy for a newb like myself to start on. Great job!


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Yeah they are inter-compatible. It could not work the other way around, since DNA250C have a little more internal storage than the DNA75C, so you could upload a slightly larger theme on there which wouldn't fit on the DNA75C. I assume Escribe will give you an error even before you start uploading the larger theme. I haven't seen such a theme though, and I believe the theme designer should build them compatible for both devices.

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