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Reuleaux DNA200 Freezing


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My Reuleaux DNA200 was sitting unused for two years. Now I started using it daily and it has frozen twice on me. I want to know the reason and whether I can prevent it or is it a sign of a dying board.

I have done the "ribbon tuck" a long time ago and Screen Disconnects is always 0.

It froze when connected to a PC, either for charging or for doing the Case Analyzer. It seems (I am not sure) it happenned when it was in deep sleep mode. It wouldn't react to the buttons, but firing still worked, and the screen was at around 5% brigthness (barely could see there is something on it) and wouldnt turn on. Escribe also froze after the end of the Case Analyzer (when I hit the Upload button) and I would have lost the data if I hadn't made a screenshot. During the analysis, it was working fine.

Soft reset fixed it, it seems. But I had to disconnect and reconnect it.

I also noticed that, during the Case Analyzer, the current when cooling wasn't zero, but a very low value (something like 0,00x Amps) and changing rapidly, only the last number. I don't know if it is just an imprecise reading or it is really leaking.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Thank you.


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