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Efusion dna won't come on after battery change


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hi, i changed the batteries in my Efusion today and put batteries in the wrong way.

got a small wiff of burning and when i put batteries in the right way it will no longer start up.

Have i blown the fuse?   Can it be fixed? If so how do i go about it? When i hook it up to escribe it all comes on too, does this mean the fuses are not blown?

Edit:- i have opened a ticket with evolv, awaiting a reply.

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opened a ticket
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Thanks @ChunkyButt200 for your reply. 

Unfortunately the mod is older than 1 year so I can't see it being fixed under warranty, i have opened a ticket with evolv and am awaiting a reply. 

If I can't get it fixed by them then I'll have to try and find a modder in the uk to fix it for me if its economically viable. Fingers x as i love this mod. 


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