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Battery readings


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I have just charged my batteries externally for my Lost Vape Triade. I then put them back in the mod and they were reading not fully charged?. I then looked at the device monitor and found that the batteries were showing 85% but all at 4.20v?? I then checked the battery settings and found them all okay with it being set for 3 cells and 27.5kwh and the cut off at 2.8v. I have no clue what is going on with this. Has anyone got any ideas??. Thank you in advance 

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What cells are you using? Brand, mAh........

If you're using true 2500 mAh cells, try using a different number (lower) for your watt hour input in EScribe. Try 26 wh's. Calculated is never real world use. Next best thing is to run Battery Analyzer and get the specific curve for the cells you're using.

If you let the mod sit for a while (15-20min) with the freshly charged cells, does the percentage read correctly? Sometimes the wh estimate (%) needs to readjust after new cells are put it inside. After all the % is an estimate and not an actual measured field; compared to against other readings.

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Hi there 

First off I am using Sony VTC5A that are about 6 months old but have only had about a dozen cycles and none of them did i let them fall below 50%. Secondly the battery indicator does not change after sitting (even overnight). What i find strange is that this never happened before with charging the batteries internally and only happened when i removed them to charge. Lastly they are 100% genuine and all grade A cells bought from Fogstar which is a major battery supplier in the UK. I think i will just get 3 brand new cells and see if that improves the situation but firstly i will let them discharge and see if it improves by charging them internally again. Thank you for your reply 

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Hi guys,

a bit old thread, but I  have similar errors with my lithicore 18650 @ DNA 250. The issue comes after I updated to the latest service pack provided by Escribe.

When the battery packs falls under around 55%, suddenly the packs falls to around 37%, after that the battery loading is then every time aborted at around 87% ,( it shows up with fully loaded @ 4,2V each battery in Escribe).

It happens with other batteries as well. I just updated the latest int. service pack, before I did not have any issue with the DNA250 before, at least I could not remember any issue....


The only solution at this point is to "restore to defaults" and set the DNA 250 newly up. After the resoration it shows the correct values for loading.

As I have written, with older Servicepacks, the error did not happen, but unfortunately initializing an older Service pack does not help AFTER you have initiated the latest int. service pack once. 


Is there any solution known instead of needing to "Restore to defaults" ? This is very annoying....

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