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Device did not respond

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Hi to all,

I have a brand new hcigar vt75d. I downloaded the Escribe and connected the device without any issues. Program said that there is a new firmware called 1.1 27 INT and i started uploading but it didn't. My device went dark and it is not opening at all. When i connect it to computer escribe succesfully recognized the device and says "The firmware on your evolv 75 Color is incomplete do you want to upload 1.1 27 INT and when i click ok it says device did not respond and escribe crushes. Is there any way to save my device or it is broke compeletely? Thanks for your help.

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If it is saying the firmware is incomplete, that means the device is still working, but something went wrong while it was updating firmware.

How far does it get before it says "The device did not respond"?

Try the version of EScribe Suite at https://www.evolvapor.com/products/dna250color

It is newer. Maybe you are running into a bug with an old version.

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