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All the buttons do the same: Fire the attached device


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Please help.

My Thinkvape Ranger suddenly started misbehaving. Whichever button I pressed it's like pressing the fire button.

Already cleaned the device inside and out.

Already checked the key programing in Escribe.

Any clues whatever else could it be?

Thank you so much.


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I'll start out by saying I'm fairly new with DNA boards but I've thought of some other options that maybe of help an I see no other reply's so what could it hurt. First thought I had was the button layout in Escribe might of been switched, but you said checked that. (had mine

switch one time some how. Second thought have you tried reinstalling some of the new drivers or a Factory reset, also could try loading a different theme from someone else? I'd think if its not a Key/programming issue and nothing else is getting it back than it could be a

board mishap of sorts, and possible need to send back. Have you had the device long or poke around Escribe much? Was it after an update, or have you done any updates? From what I've heard and seen DNA boards are completely water proof (the board itself) so I

wouldn't think water or juice damage would do that. Again, I'm no expert just throwing out ideas they are all just my opinions, hope it helps and that Ranger keeps up chucking! If all else fails I'd say maybe see what Evolv can do to replace the board :/ 

                          Cheers and keep Chucking Clouds!

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