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I got 2 250Cs and a FULL Tour

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I went to pick this up (2 of them) in person today. I received a full factory tour and was told I was only the second person to ever receive this full factory tour and the first one is on a big YouTube channel.  From start to shipping.  Showed me every step! I feel very special, thanks Nick at Evolv. I wish Nick ate Pizza but he's having a momentary moment of responsibility.  I do pizza for a living...


Thanks again for your precious time if your read this Nick!!!  Pizza on me when you come to your sceneses ;-)


I sure do wish I could find more build guide/ how to kinda things.  I'm not sure I have the time to do it myself but I'm shocked it's not front and center.  I read about plenty of the mad talent we have here.

2018-03-21 15.43.13.jpg

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