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Balancer Resistor missing

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Hi, get a new DNA200 Board (new and unused). Use it with an 3s Lipo.

The Display only shows check Battery and escribe tell me cell 1 is only at 1,7V.

The Lipo is definitly ok (works well with an other DNA Board).

I checked the board and realized that there is one resistor missing (marked on the attached picture).

2 Questions:

- what kind of resistor and size

- is this the fault or could there be an other problem that it shows 1 cell 1,7v


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Would the cost of shipping the board back to Evolv for replacement be too costly?  You know Evolv will replace the board, free, under warranty. You only pay shipping one way.

I don't have a board laying around to check for you. You can measure the remaining 3 resistors, individually, with a DMM to find the resistance. The remaining 3 should measure the same.                   My best GUESS for the missing SMD thin film resistor would be ( SIZE - 0402 or 0603) (RESISTANCE - 47 OHMS)

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5 hours ago, LIK Mods said:

From germany to usa not so cheap, and if its only the resistor, its no problem, its a 100ohm but dont know the size, realy tiny, only have a little bit bigger ones

I found an old board and measured the size and resistance.         resistor size - 0402   /  100 ohms




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