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Ss316 help (sorry if already answered)

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Ok so I have boxer 75c I am running a 21700 ijoy battery with I believe 26g single fused Clapton coil with 7 wraps. When I first fire it says temp protect so I have to hit check ohms and it starts at .57ish. Then it kind of hits and then I hit check ohms again and it jumps to .67ish. And it hits better. Is this normal? Also I have been trying to play around with the watts and temp to find a happy medium. I’ve turned my preheat up to 50+watts and temp at 450 and my ongoing watts at 25-30 with the temp at 420ish? Sometimes I get a nice clean hit other times a lot of  spit back or it chokes me and I cough up a lung.  I have my coil spaced a bit. I’ve even noticed it has burnt my cotton apart. That could be the reason for spit back and burning flavor.  Do I need to do a battery analyzer and case analizer? Or if I do one will I be able to dial this thing in better? Any recommendations of where I should be setting my waytts and temps at for a clean hit. I do like smoke but would rather have more flavor. Not a super warm hit but  shmedium warmth that won’t burn me, but not cold either if that makes sense? Any help I can get to get this thing running better is greatly appreciated as I dont feel this thing is firing all pistons. Thanks again!

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